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Laser Skin Whitening had started for the first time in the year 1980s and it is with the start of using carbon dioxide. This is when it had been possible to use a light beam in the skin. However, the first technology was not good enough so it was modified to become erbium lasers that can deliver quick and short purse of the light energy within the skin and it can be controlled easily.

The treatment became popular because everyone dreams to have flawless skin with the perfect complexion. Things such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, and free radicals may damage the skin. This may lead to dark spots or patchy pigmentation.

What is Skin Whitening?

The skin lightening treatment will reduce the level of melanin found within the skin. The excessive melanin will help to clear uneven tone and dark spots. The reduction of melanin will give lighter complexion. The treatment can also be used to deal with freckles, sun damage and melasma with any other mark on the skin.

There are 4 different types of laser

Ablative laser resurfacing:

this is the procedure that will deliver short-pulsed light energy into the skin. It is known as the most effective procedure. The top layer with the sub-layer skin can be removed when the affected tissue is vaporized. It is a one-time treatment, but it also comes with some side effects. The procedure does have significant risks and complication and it will require the recovery period of over 2 weeks. If you want this treatment, it is good if you consult a good laser surgeon who is ready to guide you according to what you want and your skin type.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing

The surgeon may decide to use a non-ablative laser resurfacing method. The non-ablative laser will penetrate within the skin and it will not damage the top skin. The laser will reach the affected tissue while the top layer will be kept intact. This will lead to faster healing and recovery. The downtime will be minimized, but the treatment requires many treatments to reach the required results.

Fractional skin resurfacing

This is the third method. The procedure will use the combination of the non-ablative with ablative technique and it will lead to efficient results while at the same time it minimizes the risk and it helps with the recovery period. With the treatment, the microbeams, which are full of energy, will be directed to the place which had been affected and it will reach the top layer through the epidermis. Even if the tissue may not be as effective as the ablative laser treatment, it will stimulate the body so that it can replace the problematic area with the new tissue which will lead to younger and radiant skin.

IPL laser skin resurfacing

This treatment uses different multiple wavelengths, full of light in Skin Whitening. It does have an added advantage since the surgeon can alternate the wavelength and it can be used on a different type of skin and different skin layers.

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