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Spider Veins Treatment

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can appear on the surface of the legs or face.

They are usually not painful or harmful, but some people may wish to treat them for cosmetic reasons.

Spider veins can be blue, purple, or red and may appear in the form of thin lines, webs, or branches

Are spider veins on your face or legs causing you to be self-conscious?

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Spider Veins Removal Before & After

Laser or light Spider Veins Treatment

The laser or light therapy is non invasive and non toxic therapy which uses the light energy in order to destroy the unwanted veins and cells.

During the procedure, the light or laser will be applied over the spider vein. A laser can transmit the photons which will be absorbed by blood cells found within the veins. They will generate the heat which destroys blood vessels. Damaged vein will shrink and start to dissolve as the time passes.

Why you should undergo this procedure?

Light or laser therapy is known as the treatment for people who want to get rid of facial spider veins. It may be used on different parts of a body. Sometime it may be used on the legs, but in rare cases.

The risks to look out for

Whenever there is any treatment, there will also be some risks that are associated with the risks. They may be minimized when you get the procedure done by a good dermatologist. The risk to look out for are; crusting, scarring, infection, bleeding, discoloration, swelling and pain.

How you should prepare yourself?

Before undergoing the procedure, the dermatologist can review the medical history of the patient and will conduct the physical exam. It is a time for the patient and the doctor to talk about the potential risks and expectation. Before the procedure, it is good if you avoid tanning beds, sunbathing and waxing in two weeks of the procedure. You should avoid the anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplement that are known to increase bleeding risks. You should also avoid taking aspirin.

What happens after the Spider Veins treatment?

You may not start to notice any change at once and you will need many treatments before you get to the results you want.

  • After the treatment, the treated area can turn red or pink for up to eight hours

  • The slight stinging sensation is the same to the mild sunburn on a treated area. The sensation can reduce in four up to six hours. You can use moist cloths or cool packs in order to reduce sensation.

  • Mild swelling on the treatment area will dissipate in few days.

You should also remember

  • To avoid using lotion or makeup on the area that have been treated for 24 hours or up to the time the stinging or redness had reduced.

  • Use a good moisturizing lotion on the treated area two times every day for three months of the treatment.

If you need this treatment, you should talk to a dermatologist or an aesthetic medicine practitioner who had specialized in the laser treatment. It is recommended if you suffer varicose veins. Even if the veins may not require the treatment, they will cause the pain sometime or they may look bothersome or unaesthetic sometime mostly when they bulge. The laser treatment does relieve the inflammation and soreness and it cures the irritated skin over the swollen veins. You can choose between two options: endovenous laser treatment or simple laser treatment.

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