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Skin Tightening Las Vegas

Rejuvenate Your Face With Laser Skin Tightening!

Our laser skin tightening treatment is effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Skin Tightening Treatment

The laser skin tightening procedure leads to dramatic results. It may reduce the wrinkle appearance with the loose skin to achieve a smoother and a youthful appearance. The following are information about the laser facial skin tightening procedure.

Laser skin tightening procedure

The procedure is not too invasive and it does not require any surgery which means that it uses the infrared light source or laser in order to tighten the skin through heating collagen found under the surface of the skin which will contract the skin.

The procedure results are noticeable at once after a treatment and they will be no downtime. This makes it a popular procedure. The results will continue for some months. However, to achieve to the best results, you should get two to three treatments with a month between. The procedure has been approved by FDA to reduce the skin laxity, wrinkles and fine lines.

Even if the results may not be too dramatic as it happens with these of face lift, the patient can enjoy moderate results without any downtime. The added benefits of the procedure are: it is effective and safe at the same time and it helps to achieve to a youthful and firm appearance.

The skin tightening treatment will encourage new collagen’s growth on the area that has been treated and it will help with more collagen absorption at the untreated and surrounding area. With collagen regeneration, the laser skin tightening patient will start to see that their skins are smoother, youthful and softer. The effect will continue to improve for the next month of the treatment while the collagen in the skin will continue to replenish.

What you can expect with the laser skin tightening procedure?

Before the procedure starts, it is good if you remove all the sunscreen, oils and makeup and other substance that you can find over the skin. The practitioner can use a topical anesthetic cream over the area that should be treated and will supply the patient using a protective eyewear. Since the procedure is not ablative in its nature, there is no need to use anesthetic. For someone who does not like the idea to do the procedure without anesthetic, he can use pain medication.

The procedure will take place in an office of a cosmetic dermatologist or other skin care professional. During the procedure, the skin tightening treatment session, the practitioner uses the hand piece to put the laser energy on the skin. The burst of the cool air caused by laser can ensure the comfort of the patient. Most of the time, the skin tightening system do require a practitioner to use it three times in a place to achieve to the best results. The session can last for over 30 minutes to over an hour, according to the location and the size that has to get treated.

Is it painful?

The procedure may not be painful. Before this treatment, the practitioner can smooth the anesthetic cream on this area to reduce the discomfort. However, most patient record minor discomfort during the procedure.

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