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Freeze Your Fat

Fat Freeze is a form of cryolipolysis that attacks your fat cells and essentially helps you kick start your metabolism.  A 30-minute session is equivalent

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a journey that can always be maintained with proper diet, and exercise. Maintenance during a busy schedule may leave less time in

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Vaginal Lightening

Vaginal Lightening is an intimate experience. It is definitely not for everyone, however, it can be an amazing, life changing experience. The procedure is performed by

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Skin Whitening

What is Skin Whitening? The skin lightening treatment will reduce the level of melanin found within the skin. The excessive melanin will help to clear

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Types of Hair Removal

Shaving: 1-3 Days Creams: 3-7 Days Hot Waxing: 2-4 Weeks Epilator: 2-4 Weeks Plucking: 2-4 Weeks Laser: Forever!!! Laser is an effective treatment for those

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Laser Aftercare

Are you worried about your pigment skin or you have some scars on your body? You need to hide them under the loads of creams

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