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You, Will, Kick Yourself If You Miss This Facial Las Vegas Treatment

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If you want to relax and be pampered during your vacation or live in Vegas full time, we recommend facial Las Vegas treatments.

What is Facial Care?

Facial care is essentially a treatment that takes multiple steps. The process and is lauded as a great way to take care of your skin.

Similarly, the process can actually exfoliate, nourish and cleanse the skin. Promote clear and hydrated skin and give it a younger look.

It is best to find a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable beautician with special training in skincare, who is competent, attentive, and passionate.

At Spoiled Laser Las Vegas, we have the experience to provide facials. And other spa services for many clients, so please check us out if you are in the Las Vegas area.

Skin Care Treatments

All facials begin with a full skin analysis to ensure a treatment tailored to your skin type. Each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of the skin, including neck and shoulder massage.

Our experts will explain the most effective skincare methods and design a simple and effective home care plan.

Facial treatments

This intense hydrating care includes deep cleansing, soothing steam, exfoliation, extraction, personalized mask, and SPF moisturizer.

Classic basic face care sets the perfect foundation for ongoing maintenance. The skin reacts quickly, improving skin tone and texture.

The Ultimate Facial

This anti-aging treatment is enhanced with personalized skin rejuvenation vials to take basic facial care to the next level of skincare.

Spoiled Laser treatments are formulated to meet your skin’s special needs by providing nourishment and protection from environmental aggressions. The bioactive ampoules are rich in natural active ingredients and are an excellent complement to face care.

Gentleman facials

Real men do facials. This gentleman’s relaxing face care provides deep pore cleansing, steam, infusion, custom mask, and SPF moisturizer. With a relaxing shoulder and neck massage, this facial is suitable for all skin types.

Youth facials

Personalized facial treatments for clients under the age of 18 begin with cleansing and exfoliation. We are committed to all elements of early skincare and use the right moisturizer to complement it.

Complexion facials

Tailored for acne and other problematic skin types, this cleansing treatment begins with a deep cleansing and includes steam extraction to remove impurities. Similarly, the oil-free moisturizer will help stabilize and soothe the skin.

Face Lighting Facial

This hydroquinone-free treatment focuses on hyperpigmentation caused by sunburn, freckles, pregnancy masks, and age spots.

Our natural products are effective for all skin types and help prevent excessive melanin production.

The Aromatherapy Facial

Sedative therapy combines essential oils with lymphatic drainage massage to release toxins.

This deeply scented face is suitable for all skin types, relaxing and stimulating.


Next time you are in Vegas, please come to Spoiled Laser Las Vegas for your expert facial and other spa treatments. We will treat you with the pampering that you deserve.

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