Spider Vein Removal

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Spider Vein Removal laser treatment, uses the highly focused light beam.

The doctor may use a laser in treating varicose veins. The laser heat will damage the vein and it will make the scar tissue to be made.

The scar tissue will close up the vein. The closed vein will lose blood source and it will die in the end. With one up to two weeks, the vein will start to disappear.

Simple Spider Vein Removal treatment

This treatment will be done outside of the skin.

It will treat the spider veins with tiny varicose veins which will be found under the surface of the skin. However, it will require different sessions to reach the required results. The treatment should be scheduled with 6 up to 12 days apart or as the doctor prescribed.

In case there is a larger vein that feeds the tiny veins, then the large vein has to be treated first with surgery before the procedure. Other treatments for a large vein can be sclerotherapy, radiofrequency and endovenous laser.

Endovenous Spider Vein Removal treatment

The endovenous treatment may treat even larger varicose veins found on the legs. The laser fiber will be passed within the thin tube or catheter in the vein.

By doing this, a doctor is able to watch the vein using a duplex ultrasound screen.

The laser is not that painful compared to vein litigation or stripping.

It will require a short period to recover and it will require a light sedative or local anesthesia for the laser treatment.

For the stripping and litigation, general anesthesia will be used in making you unconscious.

Spider Vein Removal Faq

What you should expect?

After the Spider Vein treatment, you are able to walk and the recovery period will not be too long.

You can easily return to the normal daily routine if you have undergone a simple treatment.

When you have undergone the endovenous treatment, you can wear the compression stocking for a week.

The doctor will also use duplex ultrasound to ensure that the vein had been closed.

Why you should get laser treatment?

A simple treatment will be done if you suffer tiny varicose veins or small spice veins.

It can be a second treatment option; if there is a large varicose vein had been treated using surgery, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency and endovenous treatment.

Does it work?

Simple laser treatment is used for over 20 years. It is the type of laser treatment that has become effective and safe.

The endovenous treatment is able to close the veins in 94 up to 100 times. It may fail in just 6 times over 100.

When the first treatment fails to close the vein for the first time, then the second treatment will be required.

According to what may be available in the area, you may be required to make a choice between the available options. In certain cases, you may need surgery.

The risks to expect?

The laser Spider Vein Removal may lead to skin burns, pain prickling and burning feeling, skin color changes and clotting of the blood in large and small veins.

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