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Tanning and Laser Treatments

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Whoever doesn’t like silky and smooth skin and what if you have got a permanent solution for it?

Yes, it is not a dream anymore to have a baby like skin forever, all you need to do is to get advanced in your especially in removing that unwanted hair on your body. Who likes them?

But when it comes to removing them we may think again that whether we go for waxing or use hair removal creams which are a temporary solution though! So, maybe in your busy schedule, it is not possible to maintain yourself all time and wear stylish dresses as well.

It is time to get advanced in this field and in this century 2020 laser hair removal treatment is considered the best. But when you make up your mind that you will go for the laser treatments then why go for the ordinary one? Why not choose the best and what would be better than Spoiled laser hair removal who will give you awesome treatments and your skin will be smooth and silky. We have a highly qualified staff who will do the job in an efficient way.

Most of us like tan skin tone so we sit in the sun to have a darker color of skin but when it comes in laser treatments then it is recommended not to go with tan skin. It is because tanning darkens the skin and it makes it harder for the laser to distinguish between the pigmented skin and your hair.

It might be possible that you may not get the desired results as it will be less effective as well.

Well, if you want a perfect laser treatment then you should avoid tanning beds for at least six weeks before your session and several weeks after as well. If you are exposed to sunlight in recent days then it is suggested to avoid laser treatments as it will damage your skin and the risk of burning and scarring would increase which will put you at unnecessary risk.

If you are undergoing laser treatments then your skin becomes quite sensitive then you should avoid sun exposure for about 2-3 weeks. As it will give your treated skin to get healed and it will also reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and other skin problems as well.

However, there are some technologies like Light Sheer Duet that are available in the market which has the settings that allow the technicians to treat the darker skin type. So it is possible according to them to tan and still receive the desired results in laser hair removal treatment. But it is not suggested to take the risk or use spray tans before or after the sessions for about 2 weeks as the laser will not be much effective and increase your burn risk.

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