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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Face?

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Laser hair removal has become popular since people are looking for the solution of hair removal which will turn to be more permanent compared to other methods that are normally used.

When the laser is used, they will work through stopping hair follicles so that they do not grow once again. However, before you decide that you need to undergo laser hair removal, you have to be aware of laser hair removal safe for face or not. For many people, laser hair removal is known to be a safe method of getting rid of the hair where it is not wanted and it will be permanent or for a long period.

Many people, who use the laser hair removal, agree that it is safe and it can be tolerated well. There are no health risks for the user even for the long term. However, some people can experience some minor side effects with laser hair removal. People have to ask the dermatologist first to do a small patch treatment on the skin before they can start to work on a larger place.

Is it painful?

After a few days of the treatment, affected skin can turn tender and red. Many people may say that it looks like sunburn. The process on its own does not have to be painful.

Side effects

There are few side effects that may appear with laser hair removal. Some of such side effects may be minor or temporary. Any person, who experiences the lasting side effects, has to consult a dermatologist.


Irritation and redness

Laser hair removal does damage the follicles at a targeted hair. The body can react to such and people may experience irritation and redness at the treated space. The skin can feel tender or tingle and it may look as if it has swelled somehow.

However, such symptoms may be short-lived. An affected area can look similar to a skin that had been plucked or waxed. There is a dermatologist that uses the topical anesthetic in order to reduce how the skin will react to this process.

Irritation is eased with the initial reaction, and it is normally in a few hours of such treatment. The redness and swelling can be treated with a cool bath and ice packs.


There are people who suffer from skin crusting in the area that has been treated. These can be minor issues that may be even more inconvenient for someone who is having it on the face. If you are already concerned: is laser hair removal safe for face? Then such scarring and scabbing from crusting can cause you anxiety. You have to take good care of the area that has been treated already and use a moisturizer so you do not suffer lasting issues caused by the treatment

You should also be aware of the color change caused by a treated area. It can get lighter and darker after the hair removal. People who have light skin, they will experience darker pigmentation.

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