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Can you wax while having laser hair removal?

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As the new technologies are being introduced in the market so as to ease our life and make our lifestyle better then why not we start it to ourselves. The first and foremost thing is to have a silky and smooth skin and no matter what we wear we will look nice, but what if the method of pampering your skin is too hard. To be very honest, we may skip it as the life is too busy these days and who wants to undergo some painful and time taking treatments. We all want upgrade treatments in this field as well and the advance technology is laser hair removal.

There was time when people were not much aware of this laser technology but now it is getting quite famous because of its effective results and no side effects. Spoiled laser offers complete hair removal service for men and women so that you may get a smooth skin without any pain. We use latest technology which will not damage your tissues and your skin will not sag after your treatment. All we want is to give our best to our clients so that they may live in a confident way no matter they wear any dress.

Well, if you want to undergo a laser treatment then you need to keep few things in your mind so that you may get the desired results. For example; if you want to go for a laser treatment then you need not to wax before your session or if you are already doing it then it is recommended to stop it before 4 weeks. You need to understand that for laser hair removal to work in a proper way it is necessary that your follicles must contain hair.

However, waxing removes the entire hair from the follicles thus laser treatment would be completely ineffective in such case. So, if you are thinking about starting a laser hair removal course then it is best to stop waxing, plucking or epilating 4-6 weeks before. The follicle must not be removed from the skin as the entire results will not be up to the mark.

If you are still confused that what you should use during your laser hair removal course then you needs to know that you must shave 24 hours before your session. You can also use hair removal cream but you must use it 48 hours before each one of your sessions. If you shave the area you are treating then the laser can penetrate into the root of the hair and remove it to the outside of the skin. You can apply sunscreen after your session to help you in protecting your skin from sun.

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