Best Hair Types For Laser Hair Removal

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The type of hair laser hair removal works best on is mid brown, dark brown and black hairs. Laser works by targeting the hair with light and heat. The light from the laser is attracted to the dark pigment (Melanin) that is contained within the hair. The heat travels down the hair shaft to the hair root where it destroys the cells that connect the hair root and the blood supply. 

If there is no melanin present in the hair the heat cannot be absorbed so it has no effect.

Laser works best on thick, coarse dark hairs. When there is an abundance of Melanin present, the energy from the laser is rapidly absorbed by thick heavily pigmented hair which makes treatment very effective.

Does laser work on fair, blonde or red or grey hair?

Laser is attracted to dark color. Laser will not work on fair, blonde, red or grey hairs. These hairs do not contain enough Melanin for the laser to target. It will essentially have no effect on them.

Some clients with light brown hair may experience a slight reduction in hair growth but not full removal.

Does laser hair removal work on thin hair?

Laser will work on thin hairs if they are dark and contain pigment. It will not work on fine, light, soft hairs.  Facial hair is probably the most difficult area to treat as some of the hairs are very thin. Higher intensities of energy are needed to target them and it takes time to progress to these higher end settings so thin hairs will typically need more sessions to see long lasting results.

The best type of hair for laser hair removal would be thick, coarse hairs.

Thin hairs will respond but may need more sessions to reduce.


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